Restorative dental care is needed when a tooth has too much decay or has had trauma. To get your tooth back to its normal and healthy state, the quality restorative dental care that we provide at Sunlight Dental Group will repair and strengthen your tooth in a natural way so you can smile with confidence and ease. Using advanced dental technologies and a choice of sedation options, we strive to ensure every patient is comfortable and relaxed for their treatment. Contact Sunlight Dental Group today for an appointment!

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Dr. Nguyen uses dental fillings for many of his restorative treatments. The most common use for fillings is for restoring teeth after the cavities have been removed. Sunlight Dental Group uses tooth-colored, non-metal fillings for a natural appearance and a healthy smile that you can count on for years to come!

Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown is another very common part of restorative dentistry that your Pearland dentist provides with utmost attention to detail. It’s important to Dr. Nguyen that your smile stays beautiful, so he takes extra care to meticulously shape your new crown to match the shade and shape of your teeth.

Dental bridges are used alongside crowns to replace missing teeth. By attaching the replacement tooth in between two crowns, Dr. Nguyen will then attach the crowns to the adjacent teeth. The result will be a replacement tooth that looks great and keeps your smile healthy!

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent way to permanently replace missing teeth. Dr. Nguyen will surgically place a biocompatible titanium post into your gum, where it will heal and fuse with your jaw. Once healed, the implant essentially acts like the root for your new crown. Once your implant is ready, a crown will be crafted and placed on the implant. Meticulous care will be taken during this process to ensure your implant looks great and feels just like the rest of your teeth. Taking care of your dental implant is easy since you treat it just like a regular tooth with routine brushing and flossing.


Dentures are used if you need the majority of your teeth replaced due to severe decay or trauma. Dentures provide many benefits for your oral health and will help to keep your facial aesthetics youthful and your gums healthy. Dr. Nguyen at Sunlight Dental Group takes pride in how his patients look and feel, and he will ensure your dentures will look natural and give your smile a dazzling look!

Implant-Supported Dentures

If you need dentures, but don’t like the idea of using adhesives to hold them in place and removing them for cleaning, or if you already have dentures that are ill fitting and rub on your gums, consider implant-supported dentures. By placing four or five implants in your jaw, and attaching the dentures to the implants, your dentures will permanently stay in place!

Tooth Extractions

Dr. Nguyen provides tooth extractions with your comfort as his highest priority. Once he ensures you have proper anesthesia and sedation (if needed), he will extract your tooth with precision and care. Dr. Nguyen also provides wisdom teeth extractions so you don’t need to make multiple appointments for different specialists across town. Come see us for a consultation!